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Do you suck at money? I do, but I’m working hard to get my shit figured out, and I think you should come along for the ride. This blog will be used to collect all the tips, tricks, resources, and hard-won knowledge I gain along my trip down the rabbit hole to financial wellness and eventually to financial independence and beyond.

The term financial independence means not needing to rely on others for the money you require to survive. It means not being beholden to other companies or corporations who, at best, consider you a cog in their money-making machine, easily replaced and unimportant. Financial independence is often associated with early retirement and both are part of the acronym FIRE which stands for Financial Independence/Retire Early.

There is a growing subculture around FIRE with many different paths to an end goal of making money work for you instead of forcing you to work for money. There are plenty of ways to achieve FIRE and all are equally valid and worth learning about. FriskyFire will focus on reducing expenses and avoiding waste so you can increase your savings rate, allowing you to invest smartly and eventually retire with enough money to last the rest of your life.

My goal is to help guide others down this path using the insights I gain as I work to move from financial planning novice to early retiree. I’ll be fighting through my own money demons and documenting the process, so plan to see some setbacks and failures as well as successes and happy endings (not that kind, pervert). Reading about this kind of thing can get a little boring so I’ll be mixing in some humor and fun diversions in addition to the standard suggestions and advice.

Are you ready to get started on your journey toward financial independence? Check out the rest of the site for more juicy details on how to get ahead.

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