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A Step in the Right Direction: Step 0 – Read “Your Money or Your Life”

I recently finished reading the new edition of “Your Money or Your Life”, by Vicki Robin and Joe Dominguez and couldn’t recommend it more. Seriously, put your pants on, head to the library, pick up a copy, and start reading it right now. The book really helped me sort through the feelings and emotions I have on money, working, and the trade-offs we make to have all the newest stuff. The book also lays out a clear path to better money management by giving nine steps to follow to gain Financial Independence.

I decided to read the entire book before tackling the nine steps so I’d have a clear picture of everything I was trying to accomplish and why. The reading is done, so now onto the hard part: making lasting life changes around money! I’ll be posting my personal attempt at each step right here on FriskyFire in an ongoing series called “A Step in the Right Direction”. I’ll be working through each step and posting how I went about it, my thoughts on what was gained from the specific step, and any issues I had following through with it. Please consider reading the book and following along yourself, or just checking back in here for updates along my journey to financial Zen.

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